VPEASY – KVM 1核 1G 25G 1T 100Mbps 拉斯维加斯 14美元/年

VPEASY是versaweb旗下的一个主打KVM架构的一品牌,数据中心在拉斯维加斯,国内速度也就一般般了。目前发布了一枚5折促销优惠码,但仅限首年,次年续费原价(也就是现价的一倍)。VPS基于KVM虚拟,纯SSD raid10,1000M端口,拉斯维加斯机房。支持7天退款保障(在没有违反TOS的情况下),不允许的:TOR、 IRC、torrents、nothing illegal、SPAM、DDoS等,所以适合不折腾、不滥用的伙伴们。

优惠码:APRIL16   首年优惠,购买时输入,默认为美元,促销截止日期:4月16



  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:1GB
  • 硬盘:15GB ssd+raid10
  • 流量:1TB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • 首年:$14
  • 核心:2核CPU
  • 内存:2GB
  • 硬盘:25GB ssd+raid10
  • 流量:2TB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • 首年:$24


Q: Who are you guys? How long have you been around?
A: VP Easy is a division of Versaweb - the guys who sell awesome, cheap dedicated servers. We've been around since 2004, and we've providing VPS hosting services through our other brands since 2008. We just recently launched VP Easy as our budget VPS brand.

Q: What locations are available?
A: We are currently providing services from our West Coast datacenter in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll be looking for an East Coast datacenter for expansion soon.

Q: Do you have a test IP / File?
A: Sure! See our looking glass at

Q: Is there any kind of guarantee?
A: Buy it and try it for 7 days. if it sucks, we'll give you your money back (as long as you didn't do anything stupid, like SPAM).

Q: How fast will you have my VPS online?
A: Most orders are provisioned within a few minutes of your payment being received. In some cases, however, we do perform a manual review of some orders to keep fraud to a minimum, which can delay provisioning. To avoid delays, we suggest that you do not use a proxy while ordering, and that the information for your billing method should match the information provided for your order.

Q: Are these managed or unmanaged plans?
A: These VPS plans are unmanaged / self-managed. We'll try and help out where we can via our ticket system, but at the end of the day It's all you.

Q: Do you offer Windows on these VPS plans?
A: We offer images for Windows Server 2008 Trial and Windows 2012 Trial. We do not offer Windows licensing, so if you want to use the OS after the trial period expires, you would need to obtain your own license.

Q: Who are your network providers?
A: Level3, Zayo, HE.net, and dozens of private peering arrangements. Check it out - AS53340

Q: Can I get IPv6?
A: Not yet, but soon. We promise. Our network is 100% v6 ready, but we're still testing out some of the new v6 features in SolusVM. Once we're happy, we'll roll it out at no added cost.

Q: How does your DDoS protection work?
A: Our system automatically detects incoming attacks and null routes the targeted IP, thereby minimizing collateral damage and keeping you online even if you have virtual neighbors who aren't so nice.

Q: How can I use my VPS? Any restrictions?
A: No TOR, no IRC, no torrents, nothing illegal, no SPAM, no DDoS attacks, etc. Basically, don't do anything stupid, and we'll all get along just fine.

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